Madeleine Vizard

Madeleine Vizard is a multi-disciplinary Melbourne based artist. Her visual art specifically explores manipulation of flowers through sculpture, floral styling and installation. Her ongoing project @hellian.petal is a photographic/visual arts/ design and floristry page which predominantly focuses on creating and capturing sculptural arrangements and floral art. 


‘On The Rocks’ in collaboration with photographer Kate Shanassy 2020


Par Femme ‘Vanitas in Isolation’ in collaboration with photographer Amelia Dowd 2020

‘Bloom on’ in collaboration with photographer Jordan Drysdale and stylist Kate Gaskin featured in Lab Gallerie magazine 2020

Art direction/ Photography

Millie Savage jewellery shoot 2020

Floral design

‘SSIXX – SSIXX - EVERLEIGH-AFTER’ in collaboration with Batik agency, Le Labo, The Everleigh & Flowers Vasette 2020

Melbourne fashion week local artisan video in collaboration with stylist Ella Murphy 2020 

Dasa Ceramics still life in collaboration with photographer Jess Brohier and Cristina Guerrero 2020 

‘Innerspace’ vignette in collaboration with photographer Lilli Waters 2020


Par Femme




LAB Gallerie


Arrangements - Prints - Bouquets– Styling - Photography - Art direction - Events - Installations- Collaborations - Floral design.

For all inquiries contact madeleine@hellianpetal.com